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Another big house no longer with us – where The Ferns is now – Fernleigh House during the first word war had been requisitioned as a VAD (Voluntary Aid Detatchment) Hospital. Built around 1890 this house was demolished in 1966


Fernleigh House VAD 1Fernleigh House VAD 2One of the staff working at Fernleigh House, Larkfield.






My Father born in 1899 enlisted in the 1st world war at the age of 16 and served in the RAOC. Although he never saw active service he was discharged on the first of April 1919 through sickness.
I have a photo and in very faint writing on the back of the picture I have managed to make out Fernleigh VAD hospital Kent Oct 1918.At some time during his service he must have been seconded to this facility.
When I searched the web for any information on Fernleigh imagine my surprise as a photo of a group of nurses outside the hospital appeared.
My father William Arthur Sullivan 1899-1993 is on the back row, 4th from left. Wouldn’t it be nice if other people recognized thier relatives from this picture and put names to them.
I hope you don’t mind me sharing this information with the society. Yours sincerely Keith Sullivan

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