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Video to DVD conversions


We can transfer old Family VHS, VHS-c, miniDV (camcorder), 8mm (high8) tapes, minidisc, SD cards and 35mm transparencies to DVD.


We use the latest computer software which is especially designed to transfer footage from old tapes and SD cards onto DVD.

All tape formats are digitised before being copied to DVD. Unlike standard transfers this enables the best possible play-back quality for our customers.

We know these are your precious memories and will provide the best service to all our customers in the utmost professional manner.

The transfer process does not delete footage from your original tape, and every care is taken to minimise damage but PLEASE NOTE: On rare occasions, due to the age and storage of original video and audio tapes, there is the possibility of the tape within the cassette has become degraded, this could cause the tape to snap during the transfer process.

We take no responsibility for this occurrence during the transfer process, and we are unable to affect repairs but will contact you immediately.

The quality of the original recording does impact on the final recording. Poorly stored video films can cause damage to the original recording.

We will hold copies of your films for 6 months these will then be deleted from our files.

NB: All the footage on your video or cine film will be transferred to DVD, we do not edit any footage supplied and will not return any digital transfer that contains pornographic or illegal content.


Video to DVD

£9 per DVD (2 hours of footage it’s all to do with quality)

£5 per DVD if footage spans over 1 DVD or more.

Extra copies of Converted DVD £8 per copy


35mm Transparencies

 0.35p each (Min 20) then transferred to DVD or CD depending on quantity

Quantity 20 – 100 0.35p each, 101 – 200 0.30p each, 201 – 500 0.25p each.

More than 500 POA.


Audio Cassettes to CD.

£8 per audio CD (79min of audio)

£5 per CD if music/stories span over 1 CD or more.

£5 per copy


 UK Only  – Contact me using the contact form.

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