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DSC_1530 DSC_1533East Malling War Memorial



 British war Medal and Victory Medal WW1

 Looking for details about each person named on the memorial, so it can be added to the lists below.

The underlined names have some information already, more details will be added as it becomes available.

If you have any information on the people below please email it to


The Fallen


F N Abbott

H Ashdown

W A Baldwin

E G Ballard

W Beal

J R Beckett

L Blunden

H Body

E J Broad

O A Burrluck

G M Carpenter

A J Cater

E Chambers

W H Chaplin

J D Chittenden

L H Chittenden

S Chittenden

B W Coe



C I Collinge

E M Davis

F Day

W L Eversfield

G E Fowler

T Glover

H A Godden

A J Goodsell

R J Gouldstone

C Harber

F G Hearnden

L Heine

F J Jacques

W E Jacques

J Jarvis

S Jenner

J R Jones

J W Jones



J W Kensole

F J Knight

W A Knight

W Lamb

T Mills

F W Mitchell

C Oxley

J H Parr-Dudley

W Parr-Dudley

R Pearce

E G Porter

F C Prior

E Prudence

G Prudence

H S Prudence

W Robinson

C G Roots

P F Roots



F J Bonner

W E Booker

E W Ruck

W E Scott

J Sedgewick

A Shoebridge


C F W Brooker

G Buss

J Simmons

A J Skinner

W H Skinner

W Smallwood



L W C Hearnden

W Henniker

W Trodd

A J M Tupper

E Jacques

B Milner



T Steadman

N Stevenson

P Wood

(unsure if this person is the same as P E Wood Mentioned at bottom of page)

G E Woodger

N J Summersett

E Woodcock



H G Chantler

R A Colville

R L Smiley

S G Staples

W Tapp

C Taylor



J G O Foord

W G Foreman

N S Thornton

E Tomlin

L I Godden

E G Harlow



C D Newell

H B Pearce

W L Wigan

E C B Williams


P Wood on the memorial not sure if this is the same person!!


Percy Edward Wood born 1888 – died 6th April, 1919

when the H.M.T. “Minnetonka.” Mercantile Marine was torpedoed.


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