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Memories from Kemp and Son

Kemps Stores Looking EastI was 15 when I started working there as shop assistant on the princely wage of £4/2/6 (£4.25) gross per week, £3/17/6 (£3.87) after stoppages. The shop was basically divided into two departments, Ladies and Gents but also had a room selling toys, a room selling linen, fabric rugs etc.





Kemps Stores looking West
Mr George Kemp had passed on by then and Mr Gordon Kemp (Son) was running the business. Hand written receipts were given for every purchase and larger items were wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. The till was mechanical (similar to Open All Hours!) and change was counted out. Customers could open an account and pay for items weekly. Mr Kemp and Mr Mace had rounds where they took goods to customers and also collected the weekly payments. The shop was closed on Wednesday afternoon and all day Sunday. Mr Mace would take measurements from gents for ‘made to measure’ suits.

Kemps and Son Sign
I worked there for about two years before Reed Paper Mill beckoned and I left.

Five years later Mr Kemp kindly gave me a character reference when I joined Kent Police.

Doug Cable

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