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I started my family history shortly after my son was born in 1979. I wanted to leave something behind after I had gone. It was easy to trace my parents and grandparents as they were still alive, I was able to talk with them and record their story.

I did hit a ‘brick wall’ early on which took several years and a bit of money before I eventually found my paternal great grandfather’s records. Along the way, I located my maternal great, great grandfather who owned a brick works in Suffolk, the many of the bricks were used to build St. Pancras Railway Station and the Royal Albert Hall.


I have researched back to 1424 of my branch of Mercer line and found the ancestral home deep in the Kent countryside at Hawkhurst, My 13th great grandfather had it built and the family lived there for 300 years, the building is still there, but no longer owned by the family. He was Church Warden at St. Lawrence’s Church, Hawkhurst, and was of independent means allowing him to have the house built.


I am based in Kent with family coming from all over the South East of England (Norfolk to Hampshire). I have researched and evidenced many of my family lines back to the 1500s. None are famous but many interesting.


I am a former Royal Air Force Photographer, Kent Police Crime Scene Investigator, IT Teacher.I really enjoy the process of tracing my family and learning about the lives of the people who’ve made me into the person I am today. It is a fascinating journey and I am still learning! It has given me the ‘bug’ for research and I would love to help other people achieve the same excitement. Have a look at the other pages on site or contact me at


“Tracing your family tree can be an interesting and even an addictive process. By its very nature, a Family History is unique to you and can be enlightening, rewarding, and enjoyable, but some of the information which you uncover may also be puzzling or even shocking”

~ Norfolk Record Office

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