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Brian Dolan – When I first moved to Larkfield there was 5 petrol stations in the space of a half mile, only two left now.

David Pannell – Does anyone remember the Blacksmith’s workshop by the traffic lights at New Hythe Lane.i remember seeing Horses being shod

Remember Martin Square in the 1970-80’s and how it is today

martin-square-1970s-1980s martin-square-now







Pamela GroschRemember it very well. We moved to Larkfield in 1965. Can also remember when they started to do Martin Square.

Louise CheesemanWow! I remember sitting on those benches great photo

David Thornewell – The new layout was to increase parking and remove the through road between the shops. Work started on the Square in the mid 1960s.

Philip David Wood – Brilliant picture of the 70s/80s not keen on the new style though. I remember mum taking me to the supermarket if you can call them that nowadays I was about 7or 8 at the time as soon as they opened there.

John Weller – I think that the “supermarket” in Martin Square was called Wavy Line, and was where McColls is now situated. There was also another smaller one in the other row where the cafe now is and that was called Farm Girl Stores, and it was run by a Mr Brown.

Carol Sargent – I remember there being an off license, bakers, green grocers and haberdashery in the square! In the late 1996 when I moved here!

Louise Cheeseman – I remember the chemist being where Malcolm ‘s the hairdresser ‘s is now on the London Road also Rona’s and clothes shop called Elizabeth Anne. I thought Wavy Line use to be where bike shop is – could be wrong
Another memory, Martins use to sell records at the back of the shop

Brian Dolan – There wad a launderette in Martin Square when it first opened There was also a little hardware store whose proprietor drowned fishing in the sea off Folkestone.
There was also five butcher shops on Larkfield one in New Hythe, two in Martin Square one on the London road and one in Bell lane.. all gone

John Coomber – There used to be a petrol station where the Kia garage is located now and I used run my MAC Velo on using Cleveland Driscol and it used to be 4s 1d/gallon.


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