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Holy Trinity Church – Gwyneth Rees Groves Norée

I enjoyed reading the piece about the church at New Hythe, what I could get, anyway, wasn’t able to read it all. I was a pupil at the school there and have many memories, in particular of thawing out school milk by the stove in the classroom! I was a contemporary of Michael Fuller, the author of the piece and producer of the excellent sketches, although I believe he was a year or two younger. The old vicarage was said be haunted – by whom I have no idea!

I was interested to read about the bell tower being blown down and perhaps the cause of one of the bells being (as I remember) slightly off the note!

I also sang in the choir for some years – a very happy time in the 1960s – and attended the church youth club in the village hall, affectionately known then as The Hut!

When my daughter was born after three boys I was determined to have her christened at the church at New Hythe. Not being a parishioner any longer, permission was granted by the Rev Richard Lea (forgive me if the title is now wrong, I could see he was destined for great things!), so at least one of my children is of the Church of England, as opposed to Swedish Lutheran!

Thanks to facebook and social media I am now in touch with another member of the choir, now living in the Czech Republic and still giving concerts with his beautiful voice!



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