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Larkfield Priory Hotel

larkfield-priory-510x380 (formerly known as Hamlets Hotel and Bull Hotel) stands on the grounds of a former priory, so it’s no surprise that it is haunted. The story goes that it’s haunted by the ghost of a local maid named Charlotte, who is often seen in the grounds of the hotel. She was a servant who fell in love with the groundskeeper of the hotel who either killed herself after she lost their baby, or died following a botched abortion – no one is quite sure. Charlotte apparently caused such disturbance in the 1980s that the manager of the hotel called a clairvoyant, who discovered that Charlotte was one of many ghosts resident at the hotel. It was also discovered that there used to be a gallows at the site of the hotel, which could explain some of the spooky goings-on.

Brief History

A manor house has been located on the site of Larkfield Priory since the 18th century on what was known as Larkfield farm, although there was reportedly a priory and a gallows on the site before that. In the 19th century it was home to the Reverend William Lewis Wigan and his family. In 1876 he passed away and his family continued to live at the residence, and in 1890, a fire gutted the hotel and it had to be rebuilt.

It is now a resturant and hotel.


Other names known as Larkfield Priory Hotel, Hamlets Hotel, Bull Hotel

See also The Bull Inn, The Inn House

Larkfield Priory Hotel is the same building as used to be the Bull Hotel between 1946 and the 1960s.

It was this building that was the motor coach refreshment halt during post-war years, the earlier Bull Inn on the opposite side of London Road next door to the now Wealden Hall closed in 1939, The licence moved from The Inn House to what is now the Larkfield Priory. I have no knowledge of whether either site was in use during the war.

On Friday 21st June 2013, the afternoon before a weekend event recreating a coach route along the south coast from Margate to Bournemouth, a group of enthusiasts restoring vintage coaches arranged to visit the hotel en route between London and Margate, stopping off at the Larkfield Priory, not long after it was renamed from the Hamlets.

With gratefull thanks to Derek Jones who sent this information in along with several photographs of the old motor coaches.



















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