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The East Malling Hospital of Infectious Diseases

east-Malling-MapOnce stood on the site of Four Acres, Rocks Road (The Rocks) finds of bits of old bricks, fragments of what appears to be blue tiles and twisted old bits of metal have been dug out of the ground. A map of East Malling in 1908 it appears that Four Acres was originally (or at some stage) a hospital for infectious diseases, scarlet fever and diphtheria, many children who did go in, never came out.


A later map, from 1932, shows that the hospital was still present on the site. The housing on Four Acres dates back to the 1960s and therefore it is possible that the hospital existed up until this time. The fact that a previous structure existed, could perhaps explain the rubble found in the earth. It was used as a residence up until 1955, the bathroom was the morgue and it had a brick slab in the middle of the room, and a large glass window in the roof above it, a bedroom was the ambulance garage. There was a large circular green with oak trees, the four isolation wards were around the centre green, which did have a mature red flowering hawthorn and a large box tree growing. A house stood at the side of the entrance way, which was the home of the ambulance driver.


1960                                                                          2015

At the back of the main building was a quarry which had been worked out in the past. From the slip ashpalt track that ran to the rear of the hospital buildings down to parish farm and rocks road.

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