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The couple never met!

This is a love story and it`s true. Towards the end of the war my sister worked at East Malling Research center with the Land Army . The girls picked fruit in the orchards seperated from a gang of Italian P.O.W.s   by a high wall, they couldn`t  see each other and were strictly forbidden to have any kind of contact. One of the prisoners started to sing. He had a wonderful voice and sang songs from Italian opera which put the girls in a spin. Desperate to find out who he was, frustrated because they couldn`t see him the girls climbed into the apple trees trying to look over the wall but he remained no more than a voice. Then one of the girls began singing with him, they sang together every day and in this way established themselves as a couple. The prisoners were released in 1946. The man went home. The couple never met.
Moira Johansen
Updated: 13th September 2017 — 4:02 am
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