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Leybourne Grange

leybourne-grangeThe hospital was built as a colony for mental defective persons by Kent County Council utilising an existing estate and the manor house in 1936 it housed up to 1200 patients in different ‘sections’ Male, Female and Juveniles, the complex used the old Manor house as an Administration building, the ornate clock tower appeared to be used for maintenance, there was also a main hall that doubled as a church on Sundays, a hospital wing, a hairdressers and a later addition was a swimming pool.


It covers 270 acres and is very tree based making it unseen from the main roads.
There is an old manor house in the grounds which is being converted into flats and a private school which is still in use. The site is gradually being converted into new housing.

There is a church yard to the left of the old hospital which has the grave of John Down, whose name is used to describe the condition known as Down’s Syndrome.





Leybourne Grange wound down due to Care inleybourne-grange-tower the Community and closed in 1996, it lay dormant until English partnerships (later HCA) sold the buildings and land of to developers, now the 94 hectare site is home to Leybourne Chase housing development – with only the Manor House, Clock tower and a few outbuildings to be retained in a sea of new housing.






Leybourne Grange before development. Picture taken in 2007



Leybourne Chase as it is now known – 2015


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