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Memories of River Way, The Bunting Estate, New Hythe Lane, Larkfield

River Way 1960We started looking for our first house in 1963, and as we were then living in London, most properties were beyond our reach.

However my wife found something that was within our price range, from an advert in a Property Magazine.
Buntings had built a pair of semis in New Hythe Lane, opposite the entrance to Reed Transport, which were initially the show-house and sales office
Apparently Buntings had intended for this piece of land to be used as the access road into the development, but presumably because of traffic problems the Malling District Council would not agree to that and instead sold 2 small pieces of land on the Brooklands Road Council Estate, so that Buntings could get access to the site at two places.
We moved into our new house in January 1964 and we were the second family to move in.
I started a new job with a firm of Solicitors in Maidstone in the same month, and discovered that that firm had acted for the owner of the Bunting development site, previously used as a Market Garden.
Our house was Plot 27 in River Way and we lived there until 1976, when we moved back to London.
In those days the Builders did not lay out the gardens of new houses, so there was a lot of digging and levelling to be done.
I spent some time, double digging my front garden, much to the amusement of my neighbours who did little but scratch the surface before putting down their lawns. I got the last laugh, when a line of rhubarb appeared in the front lawns of the houses on my side of River Way, but not, of course, in my garden.
My 3 children attended the Primary School in Larkfield.
During our stay in River Way I became involved with the 1st Larkfield Scout Group, becoming the Group Scout Leader.  I was also co-opted onto the Parish Council and for a brief period was Chairman of the Larkfield Conservative Group, when John Stanley was our MP.
I was also instrumental in starting a Residents’ Association.
All in all, my wife and family enjoyed our years in River Way, although having returned to work in London, I was not so happy with the commuting, which meant leaving home at 7.30 am and not returning until 7.30 pm.
Bunting Estates, at the time, were owned by Westminster Land

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