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Larkfield Holy Trinity Church War Memorial Project

Looking for details about each person named on the memorial, so it can be added to the lists below.

The underlined names have some information already, more details will be added as it becomes available.

If you have any information on the people below please email it to


Frederick N Abbott Raymond J Gouldstone Herbert S Prudence
Harry Ashdown Charles Harber William Robinson
William A Baldwin Frank G Hearnden Cecil G Roots
Ernest G Ballard Leslie Heine Percy Edward Roots
William Beal Frederick J Jaques Ernest W Ruck
James R  Beckett William E Jaques Walter E Scott
Lewis Blunden Charles K James Alfred Shoebridge
Harold Body James Jarvis John Sedgwick
Ethelbert J Broad Samuel Jenner William Smallwood
Owen A Burrluck John R Jones John Simmons
George M Carpenter John W Jones William H Skinner
Arthur J Cater John W Kenshole Albert J Skinner
Edward Chambers Derek J Knight Robert L Smiley
Walter H Chaplin William Knight Stanley G Staples
John D Chittenden Walter Lamb William Tapp
Leonard H Chittenden Cecil Marshall Charles Taylor
Sydney Chittenden Frederick W Mitchell Noel S Thornton
Barnabas Coe Thomas Mills Edward Tomlin
Charles Ingham Collinge Christopher Oxley William Trodd
Edward Davis Walter Parr-Dudley Alfred John Mercer Tupper
Frank Day John H Parr-Dudley Henry Wilson
William Eversfield Richard Pearce Arthur Wilson
George Fowler Edgar Porter Frederick Williams
Thomas Glover Frederick Prior William Wigan
Henry Godden Ernest Prudence George Woodger
Arthur Goodsell George Prudence Percy Wood


Charles F W Brooker William Henniker Constance D Newett
Harry G C Chantler Lawrence W C Hearndon Noel Stevenson
James G O Foord Norman J Summersett Terence Steadman
William G Foreman Benjamin Milner










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