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Kentish Quarryman

formerly Ditton WMC 42 New Road, Ditton, Aylesford, Kent  ME20 6AD Owned by Shepherd Neame A tasteful conversion from a Working Mens Club into a lively, spacious pub in the centre of Ditton Village. Three screens show SkySports while darts and pool are also popular. There is a separate room with a stage and darts board. […]

The Story of Aylesford Church Organ.

The Story of Aylesford Church Organ. The people and the music from Victorian times to the present (2nd Edition: revised, enlarged and retitled) Author: Michael I Keays. Date: 2015. Publisher: ENSO publishing, art and design, The Design Practice, Suite S7, Springfield House, Sandling Road, Maidstone ME14 2LP; T: 01622 755599. W: ISBN: 978-0-9567194-2-3. Format: […]

KM Group History

Over 150 years of history Charles Dickens published A Tale of Two Cities. Queen Victoria had been on the throne for 22 years. And the Maidstone Telegraph, forerunner of the Kent Messenger, was born. It was 1859. A loaf of bread was 10 pence (4p). A bottle of gin was 3 shillings (15p). And Maidstone’s […]

Hay’s Depot Yard

Grid Reference: TQ726574 Ragstone was an extremely important building material from Roman times. 
At the Hay’s Depot Yard site it is better exposed than similar strata, very poorly exposed, at the SSSI in the abandoned Allington Quarry, now the 20/20 Industrial Estate. The former Ragstone quarry has been developed as an industrial estate and shopping […]

RIGS and SSSI in area

RIGS (Regionally Important Geological Sites) RIGS are geological sites that are important for historical, scientific research or educational reasons. RIGS Information   SSSI (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) SSSIs give legal protection to the best sites for wildlife and geology in England. SSSI information         Site information Aylesford Wagons Pit Aylesford Ditton […]

Things that go Bump in the night!! Some ghostly going on in the area!!

Kits Coty Just outside Aylesford, is the scene for a spectral battle between two long dead warriors. The ghosts with a military background can be encountered North of the town beside the A229. ln a small fenced enclosure stand three large upright stones, which are known as Kits Coty House. They are all that remain […]

Aylesford Pit SSSI

This pit, which dates back over a century, provides excellent exposures of fossiliferous Medway Terrace deposits overlying (Cretaceous) Folkestone Beds. In addition to numerous mammalian bones, the site has also yielded a wealth of Paleolithic artefacts. Although well known, and often visited, its geographical isolation has made precise correllation with the main Thames sequence uncertain. […]

Wagon’s Pit, Aylesford

This is the classical Aylesford Pit (No. 2 site of RMC) which opened pre-1851. Traditionally known as the Wagon Pit, it has a number of synonyms: Silas Wagon’s Pit, Wettern Bros., Aylesford Sand [& Gravel] Co., Halls Aggregate Pit, and finally Aylesford Sand Quarry. The picture left shows the main level in the quarry, approximately […]

An extract from The Kent Village Book by Alan Bignell

AYLESFORD The most casual visitor to Aylesford can see at once that it is old. It is, in fact, said to be one of the oldest continually occupied sites in England The Royal Manor of Aylesford was first owned by William the Conqueror and the church of St Peter and St Paul is of Norman […]

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