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What is the Difference between Genealogy and Family History?

Copyright – Jeanne Bunting, December 1997, This file may be copied and distributed free of charge, but only in its entirety, including this paragraph. It may not be copied or distributed for financial gain, neither may it be used in any kind of publication. This file is a lengthened version of the file which […]

Family History Resources

If you are new to Family History here a good place to start – Top 10 Genealogy Websites – Source: MakeUseOf History at Home – A guide to Genealogy  Sent to me via Ashley of the Apple Creek Historical Society   Home Genealogy Guide for 2017 Ultimate Beginners Guide to Genealogy Top 100 Genealogy Sites […]

Family History

Tracing your family tree can be an interesting and even an addictive process. By its very nature, a Family History is unique to you and can be enlightening, rewarding, and enjoyable, but some of the information which you uncover may also be puzzling or even shocking.   Email if you need help with your […]

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