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Ferry Inn, New Hythe

aka Ferry House in 1874 & 1882   Landlords Aug 1868 William Wilmore 1868-1874 Richard Hutson 1881-1882 James William Wilson Victualler and wife Eliza Wilson 1891 J M Luck 1901-1903 Henry Thos Ballard Licensed Victualler and wife Eliza Ann Ballard 1913-1930 William Leonard Castle

The chapel of St John, at New Hythe.

St John’s chapel stood midway between the railway line and the river Medway, but perhaps 15 to 20 yards to the south of New Hythe Lane. Apart from knowing that it was built, possibly in the first quarter, in the thirteenth century, little can be discovered about its very early history. The first direct reference […]

Images of New Hythe

River Medway and Reeds Paper Mills               Sign on left is the Bull and the one right at the bottom on the right is the Ferry so gives a good idea of what the main street looked like …           New Hythe to Eccles Ferry […]

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