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Preston Hall, Aylesford

Preston Hall is a manorial home in Aylesford, Kent, England, dating back at least to 1102. Owned by the Culpepper family for over 400 years and latterly used as a hospital, part of the estate became the Royal British Legion Village in the 1920s. Some of the remaining land is now given over to housing […]

Leybourne Grange

The hospital was built as a colony for mental defective persons by Kent County Council utilising an existing estate and the manor house in 1936 it housed up to 1200 patients in different ‘sections’ Male, Female and Juveniles, the complex used the old Manor house as an Administration building, the ornate clock tower appeared to […]

Fernleigh House

                Another big house no longer with us – where The Ferns is now – Fernleigh House during the first word war had been requisitioned as a VAD (Voluntary Aid Detatchment) Hospital. Built around 1890 this house was demolished in 1966   One of the staff working at […]

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