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Our Listed Buildings

What is a Listed building? In England there are approximately 376,099 listed building entries (as of March 2015). The total number of listed buildings is not known, as one single entry can sometimes cover a number of individual units, such as a listed terrace of houses. The total is thought to be around 500,000.   […]

Church Farm Project

Introduction These notes gives a brief history of Church Farm and the Parish Council’s plans for the conversion of the existing buildings and use of the land adjoining this former farmyard which it now owns as open space. It is a very brief account and the Parish Council intends to carry out fuller research so […]

Church Farm History

Church Farm formed part of the ”Larkfield Estate” established at the end of the 19th Century by Samuel Lee-Smith He lived in ”Larkfield Hall” a ragstone Victorian house roughly opposite Larkfield Fire Station. The ragstone wall still marks the boundary, with the remains of the two access points were the wall goes in. Lee -Smith […]

Borough Court

A manor house, Borough Court (also known as Brooke Court), stood in the northernmost part of the parish; though it no longer exists it probably stood in the vicinity of the modern Aylesford Newsprint site. The Culpepper family of Aylesford owned the house during the reign of King Edward III (1327–1377). The High Sheriff of […]

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