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The Lantern House and Estate, West Malling, Kent,

The Lantern House (now Malling House) and estate, West Malling, Kent, purchased by [William Nevill] Earl Abergavenny on 8 Aug 1867.

One resident Charles Valentine Phillips a member of the Nevill family

Age 0 – Birth 14 Feb 1793 – Westminster, London

Age 0 – Residence 1793 – London, England

Age 4 – Baptism 3 Mar 1797 – Westminster, London, England

Age 6 – Birth of Brother George Henry Phillips (1800-)

Age 7 – Birth of Brother William Augustus Phillips (1800-1884) 22 Jun 1800 – St James, Middlesex, England

Age 17 – Birth of Brother Henry Dominic Phillips (1811-1892) 1811 – Brompton. Middlesex, England

Age 20 – Education Jan 1814 – Haileybury, Hertford, Hertfordshire, England

Graduation from East lndia College, Haileybury, Hertiord, United Kingdom

Ago 21 Occupation 30 Apr 1814 – England Admitted as Writer in British East lndia Company

Age 21 – Arrival 30 Jul 1814- lndia as Writer for BEIC

Age 27 – Birth of Sister Sarah Phillips [1821-189O) 1821- St George in The East, Middlesex, England

Age 27 – Birth of Brother George Robert Phillips (1821-) 1821

Age 36 – Birth of Sister Eliza Louisa Phillips (1829-1929) 25 Aug 1829 – Hammersmith, Middlesex. England

Age 43 – Departure 10 Jan 1837 England Proceeded to Europe on Furlough

Age 46 – Death of Parent Henry George Phillips “Harry” (1766-1839) Oct 1839 – Worthing, West Sussex, England

Age 47 – Retirement 1 May 1840 – United Kingdom Retired on annuity from British East lndia Company

Age 48 – Residence 1841 – St Marylebone, Middlesex, England

Age 48 – Birth of Son Charles White Phillips (1842-) Jan 1842 – Marylebone, London

Age 53 – Marriage 14 May 1846 – St Mary, Bryanston Square, England to Margaret Cecil Vardy (1825-1855)

Age 54 – Birth of Daughter Margaret Phillips (1847-1875) 9 Oct 1847 – St Pancras, Middlesex, England

Age 55 – Birth of Daughter Florence Phillips (1849-1930) 5 Jan 1849 – St Pancras, Middlesex, England

Age 57 – Birth of Daughter Laura Phillips (1850-1927) 10 Jul 1850 – St Pancras, Middlesex, England

Age 58 – Birth of Son Henry Cecil Phillips (1851»1905) 3 Aug 1851 – St Pancras, England

Age 58 – Residence 1851 Head of House 42 Upper Gower Street, Marylebone, London, England

CVP occupation: Retired Civilian. E.I.B. Service 4 min walk from the Friths at 14 Park Village West, Marylebone, London/42 Upper Gower Street, Marylebone, London

Age 62 – Death of Wife Margaret Cecil Vardy (1825-1855) Oct 1855 – Malling, Kent, England

Age 63 – Residence 1861 Lantern House 2 High Street, West Malllng, Kent, England

Age 73 – Death 23 Apr 1866 – Malling, Kent, England

He seems to have owned a house in London as well as the one in Malling. Perhaps he bought Lantern house when he arrived back in England from India?

“If the report is to  believed, although this needs to be verified: HARRY PHILLIPS and his Spouse, SARAH MITCHELL, married: 18 DEC 1789 at Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London.

Sarah’s death was reported in the Times of the 17th November 1802, and on the 1 APRIL 1806 , according to the Oxford Journal,  HARRY PHILLIPS of Bond Street married MISS FRANCES MARY GOLDICUTT the youngest daughter of Mr G Goldicutt of Clarges Street Piccadilly. However that may be wrong as her death announcement refers to her being the daughter of HUGH GOLDICUTT (

Her death was announced thus: “LAPILETIERE, Frances Mary De (dau. of Hugh Goldicutt). b. Bury st. St. James’, London 27 Aug. 1788. (m. V. C. J. De Lapiletiere). d. at her residence, Worthing 3 Dec. 1891 in her 104th year”. Elsewhere she was referred to as Madame De Lapiletierre.)

Harry appears to have had 9 children namely: CHARLES VALENTINE, GEORGE HARRY, SARAH,  WILLIAM AUGUSTUS, (HENRY) DOMINIC, JOHN HENRY, GEORGE ROBERT, ELIZA LOUISE AND HENRY THOMAS HORATIO (although not necessarily in that order). He named only four of his children as residual legatees in his will and all were living at the time of his death in 1839, namely CHARLES VALENTINE PHILLIPS born 1793,  (who appears to have been successful in India) SARAH PHILLIPS born 1797 WILLIAM AUGUSTUS PHILLIPS born 1800 (who inherited the business), and JOHN HENRY PHILLIPS (last heard of in New Zealand). Another son, GEORGE HARRY  (whose official recorded details are currently non existent other than a possible entry in 1822 of his having been an army captain in 1815 and put on half pay in 1816) predeceased Harry and left two children, GEORGE HARRY and  FANNY (or a similar name). There is a record of a WILLIAM PHILLIPS being christened on 22nd July 1800  but as reported Sarah (Harry’s wife)  died in November 1802.  This then leaves GEORGE ROBERT, JOHN HENRY,  (HENRY) DOMINIC, ELIZA LOUISE and HENRY THOMAS HORATIO.

In addition to his two wives, Harry had a long term mistress ELIZABETH CAUTY (the use of CAUNTY appears to be a spelling mistake) by whom he seems to have probably had at least five children (of which three are referred to in his will as the youngest children), namely GEORGE ROBERT, HENRY THOMAS HORATIO and ELIZA LOUISA. GEORGE ROBERT was christened in Chelsea on 12 AUG 1821. Currently there is no trace of the baptism of HENRY THOMAS HORATIO nor (HENRY) DOMINIC   but  there is a baptismal entry for Fulham in 1830 when two children  of Phillips namely ELIZA LOUISA  and JOHN HENRY were both baptised on the 15th May and both were shown as children of Elizabeth as well as Harry.

Both Henry (Thomas Horatio) and Eliza were said, in Harry’s Will, to be minors at the time the will was drawn up and therefore at his death (both events were in 1839).

The inference that Henry Dominic’s mother was Elizabeth Cauty is that in Harry’s will, the  bequest to Dominic is immediately followed by a gift to George Robert. There is  then the issue of John Henry as he is one of the residual legatees with Charles Valentine, William Augustus and  Sarah. However, as indicated above, John Henry was not christened until the same day as Eliza and his parents are shown as being Harry and Elizabeth.”


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